A Portfolio


The year 2007 changed this small town gal’s life forever. It was the year that I finally accomplished my lifelong dream of visiting Australia. I studied abroad at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and that is where I met the people, especially my roommate at the time, that inspired me to let go and explore. I only had a few months to explore the gorgeous country and visited every place that I possibly could. I did not want to go home with any regrets. Also, something happened to me. I became addicted to travel. I thirsted for it and craved it. My mother wondered how I ran out of money so quickly. It was like a drug. Travel is my greatest high.

Something else happened during this time. I was seeing extraordinary things that were unbelievable to my eyes. I tried to document them the best that I could on my little Nikon point and shoot. I loved taking photos. I became addicted to that too. I wanted my family and friends back home to see exactly what I was seeing and how I was seeing it. So I made it my goal to take the photographs in that way, straight from my eyes and in the frame in which I deemed important.

I kept up with photography when I could back home in the States, but I longed to go back to Australia and to travel more as well. So I returned to Australia in 2010 and I did a double masters at Griffith University in arts and media and mass communication and journalism. I got to travel to the Outback and Bali, in which I learned very important values that have strengthened my quality of life today.

I deemed the year 2011 as the year to concentrate on myself and also as the year for travel. I have always had the urge to go to Vietnam and to volunteer. So in the beginning of the year I booked a volunteer trip to Vietnam in which I would teach English (after I arrived I decided to help build a home for the poor as well). I wanted to go on this trip completely by myself. I also booked Malaysia and Thailand for a few days each on the way to Vietnam.  Before Vietnam, I went to visit my close friend’s family in New Caledonia for Easter. Then July arrived and my trip began. I cannot begin to describe how fantastic and renewing my experiences were.

My solo trip through Southeast Asia allowed me to meet some of the most incredible people. Some taught me a lesson and vice versa. I was amazed at the everyday lives of the local people. They were so hard working, so spiritual. Some had incredible stories of strength that were completely inspirational to me. I had always wanted to head in the direction of working for non-profits but now I know I am 100% percent sure and want to focus my skills in the areas of  developing countries.

I have shaped my second masters to mostly focus on international relations and international media. I have fallen in love with these subjects and they have allowed me to step outside of the box. I hope to use the information that I have learned, my knowledge of better reporting and communicating, knowledge and support of alternative media and my photography to work to benefit the world of those who need it most.

My passion for travel, discovery, photography and telling an accurate story will always be a part of me and will continue to grow. I will never stop seeking and I will never stop exploring. There are endless things to learn and discover. To help others along the way would be the most rewarding thing.

Every single place that I have visited has left an impact on me. Those experiences have become a part of who I am. I hope you can see a bit of that in my photography. Please enjoy.

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