A Portfolio

Travel Photography

Wherever You Go Becomes a Part of You Somehow…

Here you can find  collections of some of my best work. It varies of several different countries including:

Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Thailand and Vietnam.

All of these places have rendered me into complete exploration. They have all inspired me and the lens of my camera.

Please enjoy them but keep in mind that all thieves will bear consequences.

About My Photography

I take photographs as I see them. When I see a view that strikes me, I try to capture that view as if the lens is my actual eyes. I strive for accuracy especially because I want people to feel like they were with me at the time even though they weren’t. I also don’t believe in getting too crazy with the editing. In trying to take accurate photographs, then I feel like I am being a bit hypocritical to manipulate them. The only editing I will use is adjustments in the lighting.

The only manipulated photographs that you will see are my morphed places images.

I prefer travel photography and within that I love landscape photography. However, after Vietnam, I have become more comfortable with documenting people and portraits. I had a lot of valuable practice over there.

I currently use a Canon Powershot SX30IS

I previously used a Nikon point and shoot and a Canon point and shoot before I switched to my first professional camera.

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